Why Wakefield for IT support specialists Eitex

Following a 20-year milestone in business, established IT support specialists Eitex took a bold move and relocated to the Wakefield district in 2017.

Now, having spent a year as part of the local business community, we spoke to Marketing Director, Adele Spencer, to discover what attracted the company to the city and how the big move has impacted upon the business’ bottom line.

With a number of clients in Wakefield as well as many of its staff residing within the district, Eitex saw an opportunity to reap the benefits of being Wakefield-based. Boasting a supportive infrastructure that includes access to incentives that nurture budding organisations and priority sectors, the city presented the ideal destination for Eitex to grow further.

What’s more, as providers of a wide range of technical support, access to skilled IT professionals was a priority for the business as it intends to continue its growth and enhance awareness of its services within the local area.

Citing Wakefield as an incredibly supportive environment for business, Eitex has benefitted from local grant funding designed to upscale business’ digital technologies in order to become smarter, increase competitiveness and innovation. Supported by Wakefield Council, the business was able to offer Digital Growth Vouchers, which entitle eligible companies to up to 90% funding towards Office 365 and Cloud implementations. As a result of this initiative Eitex has generated additional business, leading the company to look at expanding beyond its current team of eight staff.

Commenting on the support, Adele said:

“We’re so pleased with the backing that we’ve received from the council which has enabled us to gain some fantastic clients who, without Wakefield Council’s funding scheme, may simply have struggled to access the specialist IT support that we offer.

“Not only has this assistance benefitted our clients, this has also helped our business greatly – so much so that we are now looking at growing our team further.”

Now an active part of the Wakefield business community, Eitex counts being a member of Wakefield Bondholders and its relationship with Wakefield first as being invaluable networks for collaboration.”

Events and initiatives staged by each have enabled the business to gain exposure for its products and services, enhancing commercial prospects and having a positive impact upon the bottom line.

Melissa Armitage, Manager at Wakefield Bondholders, comments:

“It’s great to see Eitex playing such an active role in the vibrant business community that we have here in Wakefield. With so much support on offer, both from our fellow businesses as well as the wide range of incentives offered, our city is the perfect environment for businesses to succeed and thrive.”

Established back in 1997, Eitex provides a wide range of technical support. Offering assistance throughout a business’ journey, the company’s services range from Office 365, hardware supply, equipment leasing right through to server installation and IT training.

Becoming one of the first organisations in the country to partner with Microsoft Cloud, the business’ success, they say, is down to continually keeping abreast of the fast pace at which technology progresses.

Having taken advantage of the fantastic opportunities that the Wakefield district has presented, it is clear to see that Eitex has become a valuable addition to the infamous ‘Wakefield Wallpaper’.

Looking to the future, the company intends to continue its growth and increase awareness of its services in the local area whilst maintaining its commitment to support other local organisations, whether that be other businesses, local services or charities.

For further information about Eitex and the services that it provides, please visit the website.

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