WDH on a high with customer satisfaction

WDH is delighted with its latest satisfaction results. From January to March 2018 figures show that satisfaction now stands at 85.3% – this is among the best performing housing associations in the UK, and alongside some major companies. 

Kevin Dodd, WDH’s Chief Executive said “Getting customer feedback is essential for us as a business. By asking people what is important to them we can respond accordingly and provide services to match their needs and expectations. Our research tells us that our customers’ priorities are for us to be easy to deal with, keep promises and commitments, manage nuisance and antisocial behaviour and their repairs experience. We follow best practice in communicating the results and actions to our customers and our employees after each survey which has helped us to maintain our consistently high satisfaction scores”.

WDH’s satisfaction survey is now carried out independently by TLF, a customer experience company that carries out telephone interviews with WDH’s customers twice a year. In response to these insights WDH has introduced further customer service training, is developing the way repairs are delivered through mobile working and has reviewed the way it communicates repairs issues to customers.

As well as carrying out a satisfaction survey, WDH also works with Bright UK to gather real time customer feedback. A pilot with two service areas has proven successful in increasing satisfaction as responses are given instantly to any negative feedback. This allows WDH to make things right for the customer, preventing complaints from being made in the first place. The instant feedback received has also allowed WDH to make improvements to its services. General satisfaction with the services included in the pilot for the year 2017 / 18 was at 92.1% compared with the UK benchmark of 77.9% and the tool is being rolled out to other areas of the business over the coming months.

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