WDH Completes £10 Million Improvement Programme in Normanton

WDH has completed major improvement works to the Smirthwaite Estate in Normanton where it provides over 300 affordable homes.

The £10 million investment kick started a two year project which has transformed the estate.

In partnership with Groundwork, WDH has renovated the inside and outside of every home, providing green spaces, new fencing and front gardens as well as secure bin stores, bike stores and a play area in the centre of the estate.WDH-1844 cropped

Tanya Grice, who has lived on the estate for 12 years said: “Since the work has been done it’s lots better. It’s definitely been worth it. I even have my nephew to stay with me. He helps me with my garden and we like sitting outside. We never had that before.”

Mick Walsh, Director of Housing at WDH said: “We’re proud of what has been achieved on the Smirthwaite Estate. The bedroom tax provided us with a catalyst for change. With two and three bedroom homes available, we needed to make a place where families wanted to live. As well as the physical improvements to the properties and surrounding area, we’ve introduced a caretaking facility to maintain the area and changed our letting strategy to make sure it’s a family focused area to live. Smirthwaite is now a vibrant place with a bright future.”

WDH-1838 cropped

Since the changes have been introduced the number of calls to the police about the estate have reduced by a third, reports of anti social behaviour have reduced by over 40% and the number of people expressing an interest in living on the estate has doubled.

Sarah Bradshaw and her three children recently moved on to the estate. She said: “As soon as I walked on to the estate to view the house I loved it and knew I wanted to live here.”