WDH Back to School With New Contract

During this last financial year, WDH has been recognised as one of Europe’s most efficient and effective businesses receiving the European Business Excellence award. During the same period WDH has also performed exceptionally well in terms of value for money and is in the top quartile against its peers for maintenance costs per unit.

This track record of excellence and value for money has enabled WDH to secure a contract to refurbish areas in three schools across the Pontefract area.

Commencing on 4 July 2016, WDH’s team will have just seven weeks to refurbish two classrooms, install new boiler equipment and renovate outdoor play areas at Halfpenny Lane Junior and Infant School, De Lacy Primary School and Kings High School, before students return from their summer break.

John Osborne, Service Director Construction at WDH said “I’m delighted to have gained this contract and it shows the commercial work that WDH can deliver for schools. This now puts us in a strong position to bid for other work throughout the district.”

WDH is a not for profit organisation, so the surplus generated is reinvested in Wakefield communities to make them stronger and more sustainable.