Wakefield BID Appoints Board

DETERMINED not to let the grass grow under their feet the Wakefield Business Improvement District (BID) team has started work straight away.Following the successful vote which was announced at the end of February where eligible business backed the BID by 63 per cent to 37 per cent a board has been appointed to oversee setting up and running the company.

David Owens who runs the Wakefield Beer Exchange will be chair with Cormac Hamilton of Trinity Walk, Graham Howarth of WakefieldBusinessCentres.com and Lynne Thompson of Created in Yorkshire making up the team and representing all the sectors.

The post of BID Manager has also been advertised.  Their appointment should be confirmed in time for a mid May start.

The team is also looking for a suitable location for a BID base that will be central and allow all stakeholders easy access.

Dave Owens, who led the successful BID steering group said that the YES vote demonstrated the power of independent businesses who had collaborated with the larger multiples to create a plan that would make the city a great place to do business and give the local economy a boost.

BID Steering Group

“This YES vote gives a stronger voice to independent businesses in the city centre who have been desperate to influence how their immediate environment is promoted and maintained,” he said.

“For so long business people in the retail, leisure, arts, culture, hospitality and evening economies have stood by frustrated that their voices have not been heard.  This will give them that voice, but more significantly the chance to take action.”

“It says a lot about independent businesses in Wakefield city centre that they are prepared to put their money where their mouth is and pick up the baton to make a difference that will change the face of the whole of Wakefield and benefit everyone.

“Our plans will attract more people by making the city centre more attractive, safer and more vibrant but the benefits will ripple across the wider district.  They have every reason to be proud of themselves and the business values they demonstrated,” he added.

Continual updates on the BID can be viewed at www.wakefieldbid.co.uk or follow us on Twitter @WakefieldBID.

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