Statement Sees Success with YTL – Using the Power of Digital  

By Wakefield Bondholders 25th October 2016

Statement  are  proud  to  work  with  client  YTL  on  an  ongoing  basis  -­  from  designing  and developing  their  website  in  2014  to  collaborating  with  their  sales  and  marketing  teams  to   create  a  digital  strategy  that  covers  social  media,  online  articles,  downloadable  guides  and   email  newsletters.Yorkshire  Telecommunications  Limited,  known  as  YTL,  is  a  Wakefield-­based   telecommunications  provider  offering  a  range  of  phone  systems,  internet  solutions  and   mobile  integrations.  Despite  operating  in  a  traditional  and  long  standing  industry,  YTL  have   excelled  at  being  forward-­thinking,  customer-­focused  and  have  embraced  digital   wholeheartedly.

The  Statement  team  spoke  with  Rachel  Rowling,  Business  Development  Director,  about  YTL’s  ongoing  business  growth,  and  why  digital  has  been  such  a  big  part  of  this.  Rachel  explained   that  YTL  is  a  forward-­thinking  company,  based  on  excellence.  The  initial  inspiration  behind   setting  up  YTL  was  to  provide  a  customer  service-based  telecoms  company  that  is  extremely   knowledgeable,  but  also  approachable,  tailored  to  the  individual  customer  needs  –  which   Statement  needed  to  emulate  across  the  digital  strategy.

What  drives  the  business  forward  is  a  commitment  to  ensure  that  their  clients  are  fully   informed  and  that  they  have  a  jargon free  and  clear  understanding  of  the  system  they  have   and  its  capabilities.

Why  is  digital  so  important  for  the  strategy?

One  of  the  biggest  challenges  for  Statement  working  with  YTL  is  how  quickly  the  telecoms   industry  moves  –  with  competitors  embracing  new  systems,  new  add-­ons  and  new   capabilities  as  they  are  launched.  To  be  ahead  of  the  competitors,  Statement  and  YTL  need  to   be  in  the  digital  age.

This  started  with  a  new,  clean  website  which  allowed  prospective  clients  to  find  them  easily,   understand  their  offering  and  then  make  that  initial  phone  call  to  begin  a  conversation.  The   new  website  offers  easy-­to-understand  information  on  each  of  the  core  services,  an  inspiring   ‘about  us’  page,  a  ‘client  stories’  section  and  then  a  helpful  resources  area  on  their  blog.statement-min-003

The  blog  is  actually  a  core  part  of  the  company’s  digital  strategy  and  is  updated  by  Statement   twice  monthly  with  a  helpful  article  and  a  free  downloadable  guide,  covering  topics  such  as   switching  telecoms  providers  stress-­free,  measuring  sales  team  performance  and  improving   customer  service  on  the  phone.

This  allows  the  customer  service  and  sales  team  to  share  insightful  tips  and  expertise  with   both  prospective  clients  during  the  sales  process,  and  existing  clients  as  part  of  their  ongoing   support  –  helping  them  to  grow  their  businesses  long  after  they’ve  installed  a  new  phone   system.  Their  digital  strategy  also  includes  an  approachable  and  friendly  social  media   presence  and  an  email  newsletter  promoting  the  latest  insights  from  the  blog,  all  helping  to   provide  a  clear  understanding  of  telecoms  systems  to  their  audiences.

What  does  success  look  like  for  Statement  and  YTL?

For  YTL,  retaining  clients  and  ensuring  a  long-­term  relationship  with  them  is  crucial.  That’s   why  an  ongoing  presence  is  so  important  for  them,  as  each  platform  acts  as  another  brand   touch-point  for  their  clients  and  helps  to  keep  them  front  of  mind.

Statement  have  seen  positive  increases  in  engagement  for  YTL  online  since  they  began   developing  their  digital  strategy,  with  a  49%  increase  in  website  visits  year-­on-­year  and  a  massive  300%  increase  in  visits  from  social  media  –  indicating  that  the  ongoing  digital   presence  continues  to  support  the  wider  business  growth  of  the  client.

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