Stada Video Wins Major Contract With National Advertiser

Video production company Stada Video has won a major contract to produce a national TV advert for home furnishing company Blinds Direct.

Stada Video CEO, Danny Lacey said: “This is a huge deal for the business and we are proud of our achievements in attracting a national advertiser for our TV commercial production services. The whole team worked hard in pitching for the work and we can’t wait to see the new Blinds Direct adverts on the telly in October.”

Filming is set to take place in a Yorkshire residence in the coming weeks, with a cast of six actors and a full production crew. Focusing on the home life of a fictional family, the advert will showcase a range of home furnishing products.

The commercial will be the first television advertising campaign for Blinds Direct, and will form the basis of a potentially ongoing partnership between the two companies.

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