Stada Video partner with Leeds agency to produce a sensitive documentary for Bodyform

Stada Video, the Wakefield based media production company, joined forces with Finn Communications to create a video for Bodyform based around the Fear Going to School Less campaign.

The campaign is the result of recent research conducted by YouGov UK which reveals that 350,000 UK girls are missing school due to their period, with 27% saying that the main reasons behind this are embarrassment and shame-related factors.

Stada Video produced a video featuring boys and girls within a specific age range, predominantly under 16’s. The video was based on a real-people documentary, social-experiment format to find out what the children knew about periods.

Finn PR comments, “Working closely with Stada we produced an emotional video which highlights the issues surrounding periods within schools. The video has helped get to the truth around children’s feelings towards periods and aims to normalise conversation between boys and girls, encouraging them to feel more comfortable in talking about periods together”.

One of the biggest challenges for the team was finding children in the right age range who were willing to talk about periods.

Ben Davis, project manager at Stada Video says, “It was the biggest challenge we’ve faced in a video project to date. At the beginning nobody wanted to talk about periods. We had to get resourceful in our search. We’re so pleased with the end result for what is a very important subject for young people.”

The video was released on 20th September 2018, three of the children featured in the documentary have since appeared on BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire show to discuss the topic in more detail.

You can watch the video, featuring music from Union Music and Sound, here:

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