Proton Scores A Win for Wembley

Proton has secured a contract to work with Wembley Stadium and offer an effective solution to keep their beer lines clean between uses.

The contract will see Proton supply the stadium with their Guardian specialist beer line protector, which will not only keep the lines from scales and flavour taints, but also bacterial infection which can contaminate the whole system.

Proton Managing Director, Murray Angus commented: “Amazingly, Wembley has 26 miles of beer lines which historically have had to be cleaned after every event and then left filled with water until the next time the venue is used. Although the stadium is busy with events, there can be gaps in their booking schedule and we needed to find the right solution meaning the lines stayed sterile and clean during this down time, whilst ensuring the end customer got the best tasting drink when they attended the stadium.

“As our national stadium, the reputation of receiving a decent drink as well as customer safety were absolutely paramount. Guardian was the product we felt would really make a difference.”

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