Production Park Collect Trio of Awards

Wakefield based Production Park consolidated its reputation as a world class centre for live events production collecting three leading industry awards on one week.

Brilliant was named the Favourite Set Construction Company at the Total Production Industry (TPi) awards with its multi-level design for German singer, Helene Fischer.

The following day, Brilliant, working with VML Technologies, was awarded Best Use of Technology at an Event by Event Production Awards for a complex design for the EXPO 2017 in Astana.

And two days later Production Park was named Collaboration Business of the year as recognition for its collective approach to design and development at the Yorkshire Business Insider Made in Yorkshire Awards.

Picking up the Collaboration Award at the Yorkshire Business Insiders dinner at the Royal Armouries, Production Park Director, Ben Brookes said: “The creative businesses thrive at Production Park because of the collaborative hothouse we have created. Different businesses can share and challenge each other while helping one another through mutually beneficial introductions. It has helped many become world leaders in the live events creative industry.”

Designed on five levels the Brilliant stage for Helene Fisher was one of the most ambitious the South Kirkby company has ever made because it was created on five levels and made more complex by the designer asking Brilliant to create a unique way of levitating the artist into the audience.

The Brilliant team rose to the challenge in every respect by creating a huge clock arm like a cat walk that carried Helene Fischer into the midst of the audience showing the concept of time turning while elevating the performer from one level to the next.

“Each level of the stage set was a mini project and we were really pushed by a tight twelve-week deadline,” said Project Director at Production Park, Toby Van-Hay. “Being recognised by TPi was fantastic because we were up against another Production Park company, Perry Scenic Creative as well as leading stage set manufacturers from around the globe.”

Left to Right: Shannon Harvey, Ben Brooks, Lee Brooks

Other Production Park companies shortlisted at the TPis were LS-Live and Cato Music for Best Rehearsal Facility, Brilliant was also shortlisted for Favourite Staging Company.

Brilliant’s second award was a creative masterpiece designed digitally by Shannon Harvey, Technical Director at Production Park. He digitally developed an 80metre LED global building which stood 100m high and formed the centre piece of the EXPO.

“It was like working with strings of DNA wrapped around a twisted baseball, which we mapped digitally and then created a workflow so that the builders could piece it together without us going on site. It was rewarding being able to create something so complex and communicate how it should be pieced together remotely,” said a proud Shannon.

“There are probably only two or three companies in the world who can do this kind of thing so to be recognised by our industry peers is affirmation of our work here at Production Park,” he added.

Production Park has also been named one of Yorkshire’s 50 Fastest Growing Businesses on the Ward Hadaway annual list.

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