Spectrum People

About Spectrum People

Spectrum people is a Wakefield based charity which develops and provides ‘meaningful activities’ to help vulnerable adults who are in recovery or need support; the activities are usually delivered in partnership with other local charities and organisations. The charity is made up of service users, volunteers, community representatives and staff who develop, run and support these activities.

Community cafes, bike maintenance/recycling workshops, garden allotment projects, creative writing/art groups and theatre performances are all examples of meaningful activities that help give vulnerable people stability, builds up their confidence and social interaction with other people and give them a sense of belonging in the community.

Spectrum People’s aims and objectives are:

To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by working with people who are socially excluded to relieve the needs of such people and assist them to integrate into society.

We work with adults who may be excluded from society or parts of society as a result of one or more factors including: unemployment, financial hardship, substance abuse or dependency, homelessness, disability, previous criminal convictions or generally due to their personal, social and/or economic position.

Nothing happens in isolation. Our work helps people in many ways including:

  • It improves the lives of vulnerable adults and creates new skills and friendships as well as developing opportunity and self-esteem.
  • It helps family, friends, neighbours, colleagues if they need support at any given time.
  • It helps communities recognise their strength, power and ability to support each other.
  • It provides savings for publicly funded resources by reducing the need for some people to use them.

Our Projects

  • Through one of its Trustees, Spectrum People linked with the public health team at WMDC and learnt about a former allotment site in Agbrigg which is being developed at a community facility. Service users greatly appreciated working on an allotment and this vast area (109m x 29m) provides space for a poly tunnel, raised beds and more traditional allotment beds. This space and facility is now working with volunteers to develop it into a vibrant and thriving community allotment.
  • Our bike project us important in that we ensure a sustainable, accessible, safe and secure venue for the project to be located. Working with Reflections Housing Association enables service users to access the project, using it to build skills and experience and if they complete the course get to keep their very own bike.
  • We have community café in Wakefield. This once a week drop in place for vulnerable adults to pop by for a free drink and snack, have a chat and have the opportunity to engage with other people in a safe informal atmosphere. This centre is open every Wednesday from noon.


We believe we can and will continue to improve the lives of the most vulnerable. We are certain we can show this works. If you think you can help us with this then talk to us and together we will find a way to build new lives, enhance the lives of the community as a whole and create meaning out of disadvantage.