Sarcophagus develop and host a number of online collaboration and eCompliance toolkits to manage property portfolios and accelerate project delivery. Incorporated in 1998, they were pioneers of the Cloud computing industry and in 1999 they launched, one of the worlds first construction collaboration platforms to be delivered as service. This resilient and flexible model is only now becoming common place. The software is updated and fully managed to provide over 70,000 users with a 99.9% service level guarantee with only a monthly client commitment. The data is secured using SSL with “file at rest” encryption which means the clients data is more secure and resilient than most companies own internal systems. It enables disparate teams to work as one, share tasks and documents and provide a workflow process ensuring teams are up to date with revision control and worldwide 24/7 access. The solution can be rolled out in less than an hour as there is no need for training or software installation. was developed originally for Asda Wal-Mart and is still used to accelerate their roll out of new and refurbished stores. The company has continually developed its solutions to ensure it provides a class leading edge for a wide range of clients ranging from freelancers to international bluechips. has recently been used to help develop and construct one of Europe’s biggest fresh milk dairies producing one billion litres of fresh milk dairy with a development cost of £150m. It will create almost 700 jobs and around 1000 construction jobs were created during development.

In todays current economic climate companies are looking to increase efficiency. As our society strives to become paper free and working hours become more flexible and home based, online project collaboration systems demonstrate best value.

Other cloud software solutions include and, a private invitation eTendering system and email management. The solutions were designed to standardise enterprise processes and establish management control to meet the evolving demands of all industry sectors.

The company has seen exponential growth and this continued throughout the bubble but it has passionately strived to build on its Wakefield roots. It continues to invest in the Wakefield community to promote sustainable economic growth and provide training opportunities for software engineering skills to meet the skills demands of tomorrow.