Create Cafe

Create as it is now rose from the ashes of Create Foundation which was a social enterprise that didn’t make it through the recession. Shaun and James were employed by Create Foundation to set up the Wakefield site in the iconic Wakefield One building, and when Create Foundation folded we decided to carry on and try to emulate just a little of the good work Create Foundation did. That was back in 2013, and we have now evolved into a thriving community café, somewhere that is accessible and comfortable for all walks of life. Shaun and James have both spent many years in the catering industry and both spent many years working at Harvey Nichols in Leeds. As such they have good knowledge of all things catering and  do all aspects of external and internal catering from simple lunch buffets up to three course dinners and cocktail master classes in any location. There is genuinely nothing that is related to catering that we cannot do!

For the social aspects of the business, we take people with various problems in for work experience, whether it be learning difficulties, mental health issues, substance abuse, ex-offenders and anything in between. We don’t judge and we don’t discriminate, we just accept each person for who they are and give them valuable work experience because we believe in the power of work. It instils a sense of purpose and team spirit into people and we have seen the positive changes it can have on people’s lives, especially those most vulnerable in our society. We will carry on doing what we are doing, and hopefully progress further into a structured training course for vulnerable people to get real skills and experiences in the hospitality industry.