Contedia works with customers throughout the UK and Europe to fulfil an important role in helping those businesses transform their unique business processes from largely manual, resource intensive and challenging tasks, in to more efficient, consistent and accurate workflows using custom applications we develop with our customer and its staff.

Together, we look at those unique business-specific processes, which present constant day-to-day challenges, especially as their operations demand faster results, greater visibility of information and improved flexibility to allow growth and maintain a competitive edge. These repetitive tasks are those which fall outside of the scope or practicality of being managed by the customer’s existing CRM, accounting and ERP software, and are typically being managed in spreadsheets, ad-hoc databases and even paper forms.

Contedia consolidates the information silos, can integrate a custom application with existing back-office systems to retain a ‘single version of the truth’ where core data is concerned, and automates or semi-automates the organisation’s existing workflows based on their own unique processes. In doing so, we make previously hidden or difficult to share business information and statistics visible to all that need it, in the form they need it, when and where they need it. Best of all, custom applications can grow as the business does and for every ‘lightbulb moment’ our customers have, where the question then gets asked “can we make the system do this”, the answer, nine times out of ten, is yes!

Here are four of the most obvious reasons custom applications are helping businesses reach greater heights.


Custom applications:

  • Can semi- or fully-automate your repetitive business processes…whatever they may be
  • Help identify and then resolve productivity bottlenecks
  • Allow businesses better communication, visibility of information and collaboration
  • Provide an opportunity to take the benefits of your custom application to anyone, anywhere in your organisation, whether across sites or when working remotely…even on mobile devices

If we can help you understand the potential of a custom business process application in your business, please email us at or call 01977 602869