Our Business: Central Alliance helps organisations to realise the power of integrated pre-construction services. Through experienced people who understand the importance of precise site information, we ensure our customers are fully informed and able to move things forward into a successful construction phase. We continuously invest in our equipment, in training our people, and in providing technology–led products and services, so that we can support our customers to achieve their project goals.

Our Services: Our specialist pre-construction divisions include:

Survey Central – Survey Central has a fast-growing customer base with a reputation for providing practical and innovative surveying solutions including; desktop surveys; topographical surveys; utility surveys; laser scanning; UAV/aerial surveys; CCTV drainage surveys and vacuum excavation

Geo Central – Geo Central has a wide range of expertise in the geotechnical and geo-environmental fields, offering everything from site and structural investigative work to instrumentation and monitoring, in-situ testing, soil, rock and and materials testing and geotechnical equipment hire.

Training Central – Training Central has been providing cable avoidance training to the construction, engineering and utility industries for over 10 years. Our experienced team of manufacturer certified trainers provide comprehensive and structured training courses to many major construction firms.

Technology Central – Technology Central helps Central Alliance develop the growing appetite for technology led pre-construction services. Central Alliance has a proven track record in introducing proven technologies into more traditional services, helping to improve their accuracy and transform their delivery.