Company Biography:
It is our mission to bring a major impact to the dining entertainment, hospitality and tourism industry by attracting business owners to experience more of what life has to offer and at the same time open new opportunities to grow their business with Bleisure. We team up with business service providers as well as teaming up with dining and entertainment venues with our Bleisure Local programme. These partnerships feed our Bleisure Rewards programme. The idea was sparked when two entrepreneurs met in Barcelona. Ali Gordon from Wakefield and John Butler from Nottingham. Over dinner on a summers evening, they asked themselves the question…what is it that prevents other business owners enjoying more of what life has to offer? Valuable time and impacting bottom-line were two factors, and so Bleisure Rewards was born to make a positive impact at the same time.

About me:
I developed a passion for the idea of Bleisure Rewards after experiencing a downturn in the recession with my business and after discovering a disruptive approach to travel began an unlikely adventure with travel and leisure. As a business owner, it soon became evident that there were some new opportunities arising for ding business with the leisure and travel industry and how the industry is changing can make an impact to the growth and development of any business. I became an Author of Beyond Bleisure: Breathe Life into Your Business With Travel, to share the story and open the eyes of business owners to new opportunities.