Please Don’t Stop The Music!

Martin Walsh Architectural, in partnership with Wakefield Bondholders, brought a unique and vastly popular networking event to Wakefield last week – Suits & Vinyl.

A first for the City, Suits & Vinyl brings networking and music together, but in true Wakefield style a further twist was added to the traditional event, which saw the suits (Wakefield Bondholders) versus the Vinyl (the LinkedIn group of like-minded members who love music).

Now don’t get us wrong, there was no showdown, just the opportunity to bring people together by networking with a difference.

We were promised a fantastic atmosphere and the opportunity to make some great connections – it certainly didn’t disappoint.img_3559

Supported by a ‘no rule’ policy when it came to playing our favourite music, we were told ‘you bring it, we play it!’ This was certainly the case with an eclectic mix of genres played throughout the night.

Suits & Vinyl

From ACDC to the Clash, Beautiful South to the Beatles we enjoyed music that spanned decades. The evening started with the Proclaimers and a tentative crowd and ended with a relaxed group enjoying the company and the music!

The success of the event was also supported by the venue, The Hop, which was the perfect setting for a group of music lovers. Newly refurbished and used to live music, The Hop created an innovative vibe.img_3555

Suits & Vinyl brought together a real mix of professionals, it was the perfect tonic for those that love and loathe networking and we can’t wait for the next one.

Save the date: Suits & Vinyl, Thursday 9th February at The Hop, Wakefield. Don’t forget to dust down the vinyl!

. . .