Moo by Day… Beast by Night…Opening Celebration

Farmer Copley’s is thrilled to be opening the long awaited Beast by Night restaurant!Farmer Copley’s own Heather Copley tells us more about this exciting new venture: “The idea of opening our own restaurant started about three years ago. At first, we were planning to follow suit like a number of other farm shops and open five retail units on the farm. This would have been easy…but something just didn’t feel right for us. We then began looking at the idea of leasing and renovating a restaurant locally, which we would then supply with steaks from our farm. However, the lease figures were very high – so high in fact that we said, ‘in 10 years of paying that we could have built our own!’ This was the lightning bolt that we needed, so we shelved the idea of retail units and decided to start building!

“Meanwhile, the current Moo Café had become a victim of its own success and we found that we desperately needed to expand. This is where the concept of Moo by Day, Beast by Night evolved!farmer-cop-moo“The new Moo space was designed to be a friendly, relaxed café during the day, then, on an evening, the signature wall changes, the uniforms change, the crockery changes, the menu changes and the Moo becomes the Beast!

“The Beast celebrates everything great and good about field to fork, local, seasonal and home produced foods, cooked fresh just for you in our relaxed atmosphere. Our favourite dishes include, of course, our Beast Butchery Steaks, Sirloin, Rib Eye and Fillet, but also a dish titled, ‘This little piggy went to market!’, a celebration of free range, outdoor reared, Yorkshire pork.farmer-cop

“Beast will be open Thursday – Saturday 7pm until 11pm, and Sundays 4:30pm until 8pm for a traditional farmhouse kitchen table roast – with platters of meat, roasties, Yorkshire puddings and bowls of vegetables, proper gravy and proper homemade desserts like Spotted Dick, Bread & Butter Pudding and Homemade Trifle. The aim is to allow you to have a family & friends style dinner without all the work.”

The Beast is now open for bookings, and can be booked online via or via telephone on 01977 600200 and speak to Neil, Tom or Jenny.

Once booked, the table is yours for the night, there is no second sitting, so you can take your time, sit back and relax!

. . . . .