Member Spotlight – Your Home Mortgages

This month Your Home Mortgages take the member spotlight, here we catch up with Company Director Neil Fraser to find out how they take the pain out of mortgages and also about their recent listing in the UK’s Top Rated Mortgage Advisers supplement within The Times.

1. Summarise your business in a couple of sentences

We take the pain out of the Mortgage process! Simply put we provide a Comprehensive Mortgage & Insurance Brokerage service to our clients. We cover any types of property finance as well, so we can assist you with Purchases, Remortgages, Buy to Lets and Commercial Finance.

2. Can you showcase your work by offering an example of a recent project/initiative/event?

I have recently been listed in the UK’s Top Rated Mortgage Advisers supplement within the Times, which I am very proud of. We were also the only Mortgage Adviser listed from within the WF postal district! I am very passionate about the service that is given to our clients and this is reinforced by the reviews and referrals we receive on a weekly basis.

3. How long have you worked/been based in Wakefield?

Me and my fiancé moved into the Wakefield district in 2016 and haven’t looked back. I set the business up in June 2017 and the business continues to grow from month to month.

4. Why the Wakefield District?

It’s clear to me that there is a real drive and focus from within the Wakefield District in progression and development. Considering the line of work that I am in, the abundance of houses popping up throughout the region gave me some reassurance and confidence that the time and location was right to get the business started when we did.

5. Why did you become a Bondholder?

The main feedback we were getting from our local clients was ‘I didn’t know your business existed’, which made us realise that we needed to branch out and broaden our local network. I was told about Bondholders being the pinnacle of local networking organisations within the WF district and I have experienced that already in the brief time that I have been a member.

6. What’s next for the Wakefield District?

There isn’t a day goes by without some more positive local business news. For me it is clear that the Wakefield District is the place to be. I am excited by the consistent and constant developments that seem to be occurring and this really gives me confidence as a small business owner.

7. Do you know an interesting fact about the District?

Unfortunately, I have had to rely on Wikipedia, but did you know that the spire on Wakefield Cathedral is the tallest spire in all of Yorkshire!

. . . . . .