Member Spotlight – Wordsmiths Unlimited

Louise at Wordsmiths Unlimited talks ghost-written blogs, awards entries and chocolate!

Louise Turner
Louise Turner

1. Summarise your business in a couple of sentences

We write anything and just about everything, our main specialities being ghost-written expert blogs and award entries. More than 80% of the award entries we write for clients are shortlisted and around half of those take a prize. We approach any work first thinking about the audience the client is trying to reach and then the key messages, only then do we think about how we might achieve that.

2. Can you showcase your offering, including an example of a recent project/ initiative?

We worked with the MD of Ministry of Chocolate to create the structure and content for his new website. We turned on its head the layout he was proposing, putting the audience first, rather than the different types of events he offers. We worked with the designers he engaged and wrote compelling content which has resulted in double the number of enquiries since its launch and significantly higher conversion rates than from the old website.

3. How long have you worked/ been based in Wakefield?

The business was five in December 2016 and we’ve always been based in Wakefield.

4. Why the Wakefield District?

Wakefield is home for our chief wordsmith, Louise Turner, and we all work from home to keep overheads – and costs for clients – down.

5. Why have you become a Bondholder?

I wanted to contribute to the health and growth of Wakefield. Having supported the council for 18 months in 2014-15 we realised what a strong business community the district has and we’re passionate about its potential, especially for the creative industries.

6. Do you know an interesting fact about the district?

I would have said there are several nursery rhymes inspired by the district, but that’s not a new fact to those of us who attended the Bondholders quiz!