Member Spotlight – Woodhead Investments

This month we caught up with Mark Woodhead to find out a little more about property investment and development company, Woodhead Investments.

1. Summarise your business in a couple of sentences

A family business, we are property investors in the retail, office, industrial, agricultural, residential sectors. All properties are managed “in house”, bar some residential. We take pride in looking after what we have and offering the right thing to proposed tenants/buyers.

2. Can you showcase your offering including an example of a recent project/initiative?

We also carry out upgrading/refurbishment works to improve stock – or change things altogether – for example we have just converted an office block into 8 two bedroom apartments. All of them let within 2 weeks of completion.

3. How long have you worked/ been based in the Wakefield District?

Established in 1965 we have always been based in Wakefield, however our properties are spread far and wide: Penrith to Newcastle on Tyne to Gloucester – but mainly within the York to Sheffield region.

4. Why the Wakefield District?

We are a Wakefield family, born and bred.

5. Why did you become a Bondholder?

To keep an eye on you!

6. What’s next for the Wakefield District?

We see Wakefield continuing to grow organically, and as demand for housing and commercial premises increase.

7. Do you know an interesting fact about the District?

Sir David Attenborough is a huge advocate for Wakefield’s very own Charles Waterton. Describing the pioneering naturist, he is reported as saying that he was “one of the first people anywhere to recognise not only that the natural world was of great importance but that it needed protection as humanity made more and more demands on it.”

. . . . .