This month we caught up with Tracy Carpenter, Managing Director at Mint HR, the organisation providing bespoke and practical solutions to take businesses to the next level and beyond!

1. Summarise your business in a couple of sentences

Mint HR works with business owners and people managers around Yorkshire to make sure that everything people related is run for the good of the business: to make them an employer of choice, to keep issues to a minimum and to make everything run smoothly. Some clients simply want to set up proper policies and procedures to ensure clarity and consistency or might have a crisis brewing and have no idea how to handle it. Mint HR takes pride in being able to get under the skin of a business and understand how it operates to help identify the right goals and set the wheels in motion to reach those targets.

2. Can you showcase your offering, including an example of a recent project/initiative?

Far from being a robot who hires and fires, Mint HR skills clients with respect and humour and identifies bespoke and practical solutions that take businesses to the next level and beyond. Business owners are often too up close and personal whereas we can look at HR matters with a fresh pair of eyes and without the emotional ties. Some clients just want their policies written plainly and simply; whereas some clients have come from corporate backgrounds and are used to reems and reems of procedural documentation. Mint HR identifies what’s right for the business here and now, and then grows with them on their journey. A recent example of this was ensuring that our clients were GDPR compliant in their people policies and processes. Some clients were heavily involved, whereas some just wanted it sorting for them. Whatever the style of the client, we can adapt to that style.

3. How long have you worked/been based in the Wakefield District?

Mint HR was set up in 2016 in the Wakefield District.

4. Why the Wakefield District?

It is important for us to become actively involved and be able to support businesses in the local area. There are so many great businesses and innovations in the area – there’s no need to look much further afield.

5. Why did you become a Bondholder?

The business world can be a scary place – especially for a new business. I wanted to feel part of the local business community and felt that Wakefield Bondholders could provide that community. The group is extremely welcoming and eliminates that feeling of isolation which can be felt when setting up a new business.

6. What’s next for the Wakefield District?

It’s exciting to hear from Bondholders what amazing new and upcoming developments are in progress. The Wakefield District is an exciting place to be and Mint HR wants to be a part of that.

7. Do you know an interesting fact about the District?

An interesting fact obtained at the last Bondholders meeting: The site for NewCold holds 80-90% of the UK’s ice cream. I for one would love to pay a visit!

. . . . .