Member Spotlight – Director Peter Reed-Forrester, tells us more about the UK’s fastest growing social networking site combining community, business and E-learning, entertainment, news and much more.

1. Summarise your business in a couple of sentences is one of the UK’s fastest growing digital pioneers, providing free or low cost WiFi Internet Access to communities and many thousands of users across the UK.  Our mission is to provide the world’s first complete Digital Inclusion solution, covering not only affordable connectivity for ALL but also the help and support many of us need to achieve all they can in our new digital world and economy.

2. Can you showcase your work by offering an example of a recent project?
Amongst many other major projects around the UK, CommunityUK are currently working with Wakefield District Housing (WDH) to deliver a free WiFi Broadband Network to over 60,000 tenants, supported by a comprehensive Digital Inclusion Support programme delivered using our unique ‘Going All Inclusive’ Methodology.  This project is the largest and most ambitious of its kind ever seen in the UK and will bring huge benefits to the whole of Wakefield District.

3. Why Wakefield?

Due to the unique scale of the WDH project and a real desire to help defeat Digital Exclusion in the area, CommunityUK moved lock stock and barrel to Wakefield in early 2015 and are now resident in the Beautiful Nostell Estate complex.

4. Why have you become a Bondholder?
CommunityUK chose to become a Bondholder as we believe that working with this and other initiatives in the area, such as Cognitiv, will not only help us to achieve our objective of bringing a true Digital Inclusion to the district but also, in doing so, help Wakefield to become a real centre of Digital Excellence in the UK that can and will attract the best companies, skills and investment to the area and help achieve the lasting regeneration that it so richly deserves.

5. Do you know an interesting fact about the district?
An interesting fact about Wakefield is that it used to be a Royalist stronghold until the town was taken over by Sir Thomas Fairfax in a raid on the then town on 20th May 1643.