m2r Fly The Wakefield Flag In Bahrain

In March, one of our new members, m2r Education, will be attending the British Schools Middle East (BSME) Head Teachers Conference and Exhibition in Bahrain. As well as promoting their own award winning international recruitment service, Managing Director Munir Mamujee and Sales Director Sebastian Szreniawski will be taking 10 Bondholder boxes full of our members’ products to present to their clients. The aim is to promote Wakefield, the great companies within the region and hopefully generate interest, business and inward investment for the region.box for website

Munir commented, “the BSME conference is exceptionally well attended by over 100 British international schools from all over the Middle East. They are all interested in the UK, the majority have a British management team as well as pupils and parents who are all passionate about the UK and our education system. It is an ideal platform to not only showcase the business talents in Wakefield, but the region as a whole.”

Munir and Sebastian will be in Bahrain between the 5th and 10th March and will be sharing their work via their twitter feed, @m2rjobs.

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