LT Entertainment – Member Spotlight

In this month’s member spotlight, find out why mathematician Lawrence decided to quit the number crunching and pursue a career as a professional entertainer with his own business, LT Entertainment.

Summarise your business in a couple of sentences

LT Entertainment provides balloon modelling, juggling and magic for any kind of event; from children’s parties and night clubs to weddings and fund raisers.

Can you showcase your offering, including an example of a recent project/initiative?

I get about doing lots of different types of events. In the last week I’ve been at Matt Coyne’s book release, play schools and football grounds; next week sees me at private parties, a wedding and the Wakefield Car Show.

How long have you worked/been based in the Wakefield District?

I was a hobbyist magician / balloon modeller for about 10 years; so you may have seen me around Wakefield performing socially a long time ago. However in 2014 I quit my career in accounts to do all this full time; putting my maths degree to full use! 🙂

Why the Wakefield District?

I was born here, I grew up here; I’ve always loved Wakefield and now I get to bring some smiles to its residents.Why have you become a Bondholder?

To help grow Wakefield in my own little way; I’m just one person but I’ve got a big bag of balloons and can work with other local businesses to bring a bit of extra colour and laughter to the city.

What’s next for the Wakefield District?

Hopefully some sun shine!

Do you know an interesting fact about the district?

Wakefield used to have a rock club, McDermotts, which went out of business the year I left the city to go to university; let’s just call that coincidence rather than anything else!