‘Look Local’ Campaign Launched by Wakefield Entrepreneur

Peter Bevils, CEO of Wakefield-based Central Alliance and entrepreneur, has launched a campaign to encourage local businesses to ‘Look Local’ first for all their products, recruitment and services in an effort to support the region and the businesses it hosts.

The ‘Look Local’ initiative is being launched on the back of a successful internal programme his group of companies has been trialling this past year, in which it sought to ‘where practical and possible’ source staff, products and services from within the local region. The success of the programme has prompted Peter to open the idea up more widely and encourage other ‘like-minded’ companies to do the same.

Speaking about the initiative, Peter said: “All businesses do source locally to a more or lesser extent, but what our internal initiative did, and why I think it is time to launch it more widely, was to get the company to think local first. Obviously, it is not always practical, but if you start local and gradually extend the radius as needed it is surprising the talent you find on your doorstep. And there is SO much talent in the region too.”

Pete Bevils

Peter added: “The great thing about the initiative is that it costs nothing to implement – you simply build an internal culture of first looking local for what you need. For no more effort than opening our local eyes, we have sourced a great website company, recruited talented staff, and saved money too – if you can why wouldn’t you?”

To support the campaign, Peter has had designed a free logo, which local companies can request for use on stationary, websites, emails or any printed matter. It is hoped the logo will act as a gentle reminder to everyone seeing it that there is so much great business talent within the regions. He is also taking the initiative to his local business network and business organisations and is optimistic it will be well-received.

For more information about the ‘Look Local’ initiative, to request ‘Look Local’ artwork or have an idea about how to improve the scheme, contact Central Alliance by email info@central-alliance.co.uk.

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