Future-Proofed Darklight® Internet Connectivity For The Wakefield Region

Exa Networks, providers of high quality internet connections to schools and businesses, together with CityFibre, the architects of so much of the UK’s growing dark fibre infrastructure, have been proactive in creating their DarkLight service to provide truly future-proofed, commercial Internet connectivity. DarkLight began to roll out in Leeds and Bradford in April and is now being followed with availability coming to Wakefield.

DarkLight uses CityFibre’s future-proof dark fibre network, which makes upgrading easy, with no further construction needed after its initial installation just a phone call. This also means that businesses can get the speeds their organisation needs, from ultrafast 100Mbps connections right up to a staggering 10Gbps.

DarkLight is a Next Generation Access (NGA) service, bringing fibre right in to the premises, making it the natural replacement to older leased lines, at less cost, and an appropriate upgrade from contended Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) Broadband which can never offer guaranteed levels of availability. Because of the symmetrical nature of DarkLight’s business-class connections, it means that customers benefit from the very same upload speed as they do download.

Wakefield-based Contedia Limited is one of Exa Networks’ oldest partners and one of their small number of experienced, authorised DarkLight partners and resellers.  Managing Director, Tim Guest, is enthusiastic about DarkLight’s introduction to the city and surrounding areas:

“We’re excited by the opportunity the start of the roll out of DarkLight brings to our own region, as it provides our clients with the opportunity, many for the first time, to afford true, next generation, business-class connectivity.  It’s both dedicated and backed by Exa’s robust Service Level Agreement and award winning support to ensure maximum performance and business continuity.

“For a business, it’s like having your own private motorway to the Internet, with no traffic to contend with in either direction! DarkLight is suited to any organisation that has come to rely on the Internet and which requires fast, reliable connectivity.  Huge draws have to be that it offers unparalleled upgrade opportunity to a staggering 10Gbps without further capital investment in installation costs, whilst also offering the opportunity to take advantage of the new Digital Growth Voucher pilot scheme, which could effectively pay for the installation charges for eligible businesses.”