Free Webinar Offers Advice for Business Owners

By Wakefield Bondholders 27th September 2016

Statement are launching a free webinar, titled ‘How B2B Buying Behaviour Is Changing’, to help business owners understand how the B2B buying behaviour has changed and what they need to do to adapt and win more business in the new digital landscape.

One of Statement’s directors, Dan Conboy, will be hosting the webinar and talking through how he’s experienced the change but also presenting some recent research from Forrester and Google on some of the key trends and opportunities that they have identified.

According to the new research from Forrester, B2B buyers will carry out 74% of the research themselves before making an enquiry – from information on websites, download guides, testimonials and referrals and more.

Clients used to come to businesses because they had a problem, usually asking them to provide an answer. But now, they probably already have an answer and the role as a supplier, partner or provider has changed.

You can register for a free place on the exclusive webinar and Q&A, which is just the time of a coffee break, and learn about how B2B behaviour has changed, why it has changed, and what you can do to adapt.

The webinar will be held on two dates – Friday 7th October at 2pm and Wednesday 12th October at 12pm.

You can register for your free place here.