Food manufacturer celebrates award with new jobs

A Yorkshire food manufacturer has picked up an award for a product launched to help it boost sales in hospitality and the delicatessen sector.

And the company is celebrating winning a Guild of Fine Foods award by looking to recruit a baking apprentice as it looks to boost sales.

Eric Richmond of Ossett was bought by Tom Martin and his wife Anne Marie three years ago. Since then they have stabilised the business, consolidated sales through existing customers and developed new outlets close to their existing geographical footprint.

But the pair realised that the only way to really add sales and value to the business and customers was through new products and diversifying the customer base before they could seriously look beyond their West Yorkshire territory. The game pie with red wine and redcurrant was a perfect fit with existing products and targeted customers.

Tom Martin keeps a close eye on the new game pie

“Our customers are very loyal and asked for new products so were delighted when we started trialling it,” said Tom. “Game is a natural fit and because we already use high quality meat suppliers sourcing a high quality, sustainable product was not an issue. Feedback was positive so we submitted it to the Guild of Fine Foods annual awards and it won.” 

Other new flavours complementing pork have been added to the range including rhubarb for Yorkshire Day and liquorice for the annual Pontefract festival, both of which take advantage of the company’s Yorkshire heritage. But, Tom was keen to develop a product with greater appeal and a game pie fitted the bill. The 16 man team is now looking to promote it to delicatessens and the hospitality sector, particularly pubs offering fine dining and small hotels in more rural locations.

Tom Martin with the new Game Pie

Its culinary success with the Guild of Fine Foods has created another opportunity for the company which is now on the lookout for an enthusiastic apprentice baker.

“My ethos is to recruit enthusiastic novices who we can invest in through training, as well as experience where required. Our apprentice butcher, Scott Pearson, will qualify soon, which boosts our skill set, however, I want to add continuously to the team with a new apprentice butcher and an apprentice baker who want to learn a trade ideally,” said Tom.

Applicants should apply in the first instance to Tom Martin; Eric Richmond, 99 Dale Street, Ossett, WF5 9HW, tel: 01924 276563.

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