Flying the Flag for Wakefield’s Evening Economy

With a business partnership that combines beer with good old Yorkshire banter, the Jolly Boys’ Brewery will headline at Wakefield Bondholder’s first Friday event, taking place on Friday 7th July at The Establishment Wakefield, to explain how investment from their microbrewery will raise the bar for Wakefield’s hospitality industry.

‘The boys’ behind the premium beer partnership will share their enterprise journey, detailing the reasons that inspired them to invest in the future of the City’s evening economy.

Paul Mann of Jolly Boys’ Brewery, comments:

“One of the principles that underpins our work as a brewery is the appreciation of community. All the Jolly Boys have worked in sectors that support the community so it’s really important to us. What better place to be than in a business that unites people in one place, for a good old natter and we can’t wait to do this within Wakefield.

“Three quarters of The Jolly Boys are proud Wakefield lads. We are really pleased to be investing in the City and to be one of the premium brands that inward investment is bringing to the district. Wakefield need no longer be seen as the poor relation to Leeds – but as a key player in an upscale evening economy, with a niche all of its own. And we’re privileged to be part of this evolution.”Having worked hard to shake off negative perceptions which have, in times gone by, clouded the image of Wakefield’s night time offering, the successful YES vote for Wakefield’s Business Improvement District (BID) has opened the doors to exciting plans.

Showcasing plans, including a proposal to propel the city towards a purple-flag future, Dave Owens, Chair of the Wakefield BID, will also join the line-up at Bondholders First Friday. Owens will discuss how businesses can support the BID and what they see the future holding for Wakefield.

Ian Wainwright, of Wakefield Bondholders, comments:

“With investments coming from premium brands who are themselves passionate about Wakefield, there’s an influx of excitement and opportunity that is shaping a vibrant future for Wakefield’s evening economy.”

“There is no doubt that Wakefield’s night time economy has and continues to be enhanced and now has the confidence to portray a very different story – one of investment, opportunity and passion.”

Billy Muirhead, Director of The Establishment, one of Wakefield’s most popular, premier night time destinations and host for the July event, will also explain how this venue has contributed to a new, improved Wakefield.

To hear more about Wakefield’s plans for a superior night time economy, join Wakefield Bondholders at the district’s leading networking event, first Friday, on 7th July, 8.45-11am at The Establishment, Westgate, Wakefield, WF1 2TP. The event costs £10, to book contact Melissa on 01924 669220.

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