Fall In Love With Wakefield Again

The businessman leading the Wakefield Business Improvement District (BID) said it was time that people fell back in love with the city.

And David Owens, the chair of the Wakefield BID steering group, said if they did they could unlock massive potential that could propel the city into the superleague as a commercial, retail, entertainment and tourist destination.

David, who runs Wakefield Beer Exchange, said that the BID was a real chance for central businesses to take the leading role in decision making in important areas such as marketing and city centre investment.

“We have a chance to do some very radical things and make people see Wakefield differently but we have to work collaboratively if we are going to succeed,” he said ahead of the official launch of the BID Proposal.

“Every business in the BID area shares common aims.   We all want to boost marketing to attract more visitors, create a welcoming environment to encourage people to stay in Wakefield longer, make it easy for them to sample a variety of its business offer, tackle the anti-social behavior that stops people from visiting the city centre and to speak up about our ideas for improvements with a single voice.”

“Every eligible business with a vote needs to understand the bigger picture that the BID is aiming for.  We’re all in this city centre to build business and we need to appreciate how attracting new visitors to any business sector will have a positive knock-on effect and we will all feel the benefit of the ripple.

“We are slowly tempting people to stay in the city after work, enticing new visitors to Wakefield from outside.   There is a very positive outlook and the Bid could help us achieve more”.

“The BID can help Wakefield become known as an attractive city centre that has a great shopping experience and a quality driven evening and night economy.  Central businesses will be more successful and the city will become more appealing as a residential location and place of employment, improving footfall and recruitment base.”

“We want to make people invest in their careers in Wakefield because they have a reason to.  If we can create the right environment then our professional services, retail, evening economy and all other sectors will benefit on many different levels.

Having started plenty of new hospitality ventures around the world Dave is only too aware of the value of marketing the BID’s message and transparency.

“Like every other independent business person in Wakefield City Centre I have to make Wakefield Beer Exchange work, but within that I am passionate about Wakefield and what the BID can bring.  To give it the best chance of success our steering group will be at as many events between now and the end of February as possible so that people can ask any questions they have.”

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