Eric’s Rebrands to Attract Younger Fans

An award-winning Yorkshire pork pie company has rebranded and launched a digital website to send sales sky high.

Founded by a former World War II air pilot with his demob money in 1945 Eric Richmond sold its traditional pork pies and meats through its own shops, butchers, market stalls and other retailers.

Now owned and run by family team Tom, Anne Marie and Zander Martin they have trebled sales in the three years since taking over with organic growth through existing outlets but are keen to achieve brand recognition and develop new markets.  This week they relaunched the company under the easy to remember name, Eric’s. “Our customers and consumers love our pies, but there was almost no brand recognition and we believe that is important as we look to new markets further afield,” said Tom.

“We conducted intensive market research and discovered that existing customers would feel confident if our brand was better known and believed it would help them sell more.  They also wanted to be able to order more easily, while younger consumers wanted to be able to buy our pies online.

“We also realized that a more contemporary name would go down better with both markets and give us broader appeal to new markets.   Eric’s went live this week paying homage to the founder of the business while pointing it in the direction of younger consumers.   In-store consumer promotions have been developed backed with marketing collateral and online sales are being pushed via social media supported by consumer promotions and competitions.

“Many younger consumers buy our pies on the move then feel let down when they can’t get them closer to home.  Online sales overcome that obstacle and helps build our brand,” said Tom.  “At the same time an online ordering portal for businesses makes their lives easier.

“As the brand grows we aim to add more products to the online shop as well as supporting our customers with in-store marketing and promotions.”

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