Digital Unity Group Celebrate Duo of Successful Projects

Digital Unity Group, a recognised leader in the field of digital inclusion, are celebrating the success of two major projects in Shieldfield, Newcastle and Dundee, Scotland.

Covering over 200 homes, locals now have access to free high-speed WiFi in Shieldfield, Newcastle, as part of an ambitious partnership between Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) and Digital Unity Group. The pilot project aims to increase levels of Digital Inclusion amongst tenants and help them access online services including YHN’s own, in an area where the uptake of digital technology has been low.

By providing 4MBPS WiFi to residents in their homes (including multi-storey blocks, maisonettes and terraced properties), public areas, the local community café and the high-street with completely unlimited downloads; Digital Unity Group and YHN have deployed a network capable of meeting the communities’ needs.

Your Homes Newcastle: Peter Reed-Forrester (Managing Director, Digital Unity Group); Lewis Wharf (Managing Consultant, Digital Unity Group); Bill Tarpy (Lead Business Partner ICT), Nigel Saul (ICT Lead Business Partner)

Peter Reed-Forrester, Managing Director of Digital Unity Group comments: “DUG’s latest projects in Newcastle and Scotland demonstrate that we’re at the heart of connectivity for those who choose us. By providing Blackwood with our network services across Scotland, we’re not just supporting Digital Inclusion for tenants but also providing the core infrastructure for a hugely innovative “SMART” Care/Health initiative that’ll genuinely and significantly improve the lives of those in Blackwood’s care.

With our partners, Your Homes Newcastle, we’re working on the first stage of a major project aimed at facilitating affordable internet connectivity and digital inclusion for their tenants but also, at reducing costs and increasing efficiency by enhancing YHN’s Digital Reach to them as well.

These projects matter as they make a real difference to people and DUG are hugely proud to be at the centre of them and the UK drive to “Digital for the People”.

Peter Reed-Forrester (MD, Digital Unity Group) and Max Brown (Blackwood Board Chair).

Whilst installing Newcastle’s latest free WiFi network, DUG’s team also added a state-of-the-art network infrastructure to a supported living scheme in Dundee, Scotland.

Working with Blackwood Homes & Care, Digital Unity Group designed network connectivity to the newly built site from the ground up to offer a safe and secure internet service for home users, their guests and Blackwood employees.

The network is capable of providing users with DUG’s low-cost VOIP services, but more crucially, the backbone for the deployment of Blackwood’s innovative telecare and telehealth systems. Capable of catering to individuals who have a broad-range of disabilities and housing needs, DUG provides innovative technology to those who need it the most.

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