Customer Service With A Smile

In today’s fast paced business world, we all rely on our technology to be there when we need it. Whether it be our email, internet or mobile phone.

When things go wrong though, do you actually care what it was that caused the problem? Or do you just want it fixed and working again as quickly as possible without any hassle, headaches or finger pointing?

That’s what TechMonkeys think too! That’s why they were exceptionally pleased to be chosen as Wakefield’s Customer Service Business of The Year in this year’s Wakefield Business Awards.

“We often get asked ‘How did I get the virus’ or ‘Why did my computer crash’, but in reality most people don’t want to know, what they want to know is when it will be able to work again!” commented Darren McCabe, Director of Wakefield based TechMonkeys.

“Companies get annoyed, not by things going wrong specifically, but by the lack of caring and communication they receive from those whom they pay to support their systems and services. Our focus at TechMonkeys is always customer service first, technology second. We try to get our Monkeys to put themselves in the shoes of the customer, to imagine what it would be like if they were trying to run a business and the internet was down. We are not an I.T. company. We are a customer service company that does I.T.”

TechMonkeys use internal systems to monitor customer satisfaction and encourage customers to provide feedback by running monthly competitions to win a bottle of wine or a donation to a charity of their choice.

“We have grown naturally over the last 5 years with 95% of our business coming from other companies and people we know recommending us to their contacts. We think this speaks volumes about the level of service we provide. We keep things simple and friendly and don’t monitor our staff on their time on the phone, the only target they have is 100% customer satisfaction feedback.”

The Customer Service award is a welcome addition to the Wakefield New Business of the Year award which TechMonkeys won in 2011. As well as the Wakefield awards TechMonkeys have also attained Microsoft Silver level partner award due to their specialism in Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud solutions.

TechMonkeys are in their second year of Bondholder membership and when asked what they got most from it Darren answered: “It’s simple, contacts! – Not just contacts that might become business for us, but contacts that might be able to help our customers. We are always looking for more ways to help our customers and if we can recommend a local Wakefield company then all the better. Also, unlike other business organisations and networking events, Bondholders doesn’t have any ‘targets’ or hidden agendas, it’s just about promoting us and promoting Wakefield.”