Custom business process applications are powering the modern business

Contedia, one of the North’s leading developers of custom business process applications, often called ‘custom apps’, has been invited to speak at this year’s inaugural FileMaker DevCon UK event, to be held at Gatwick in October.

Building on the huge success of the company’s annual DevCon, held in the US, FileMaker Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, are holding a similar, developer-led, event for the first time here in the UK. It marks a significant milestone in the recognition of the industry’s growth in the UK and Europe and is an effort to bring some of the excellent topics of development discussion, industry insights and hot-off-the-press product news a little closer to home for European custom app development companies.

Cited by G2 Crowd as the number 1 ‘Rapid Application Development’ (RAD) platform, worldwide, FileMaker is used alongside other software development technologies by specialist companies like Contedia to help businesses modernise and tackle those demanding and resource intensive business processes that typically rely on a great deal of staff experience, labour and often a raft of Excel spreadsheets or Access databases that are cumbersome to work with and simply unfit for purpose. The introduction of custom apps in to businesses of all sizes, and in any industry, is a growing trend, made possible through platforms like FileMaker, where there is now a real opportunity to stop using the wrong tools to try and find a way to manage a company’s unique business processes.

Custom Apps can be designed to specifically fit a company’s requirements, looking and working how they might wish, to provide far greater control and visibility of information than ever before, encapsulate the company’s expertise in a professional software system, semi- or fully-automate repetitive tasks, report more meaningfully and make all of this available to its employees, whether desk-based, mobile around the business or on the road. Custom apps are great at providing a transformative solution to either a single, departmental business process challenge, or to be made more widely available within the business, touching multiple departments, divisions and country locations.

Contedia’s Managing Director, Tim Guest, will be speaking to fellow development companies about its experiences having adopted FileMaker as one of its primary development platforms and the challenges faced with making small business owners aware that the custom app industry exists and the opportunities it provides to become potentially the most meaningful investment, promoting true growth, available to businesses today.

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