Contedia’s succesful completion for Nufox Rubber

Contedia are delighted to have successfully completed a custom application project recently for bespoke rubber products manufacturer, Nufox Rubber (incorporating Dunlop Rubber) in Manchester.

It has been great to see to what extent of detail and a passion for re-engineering their own internal processes the team at Nufox have.

As is so often the case with the custom (business process) application projects we are involved in, the driving force behind the project with Nufox Rubber was to develop a system that specifically met the business’s unique working methods and their objectives for being able to turn customer quotations around faster and with greater levels of embedded knowledge, taken from historical production data, allowing them to be even more competitive and accommodating to their customers’ needs.

Yet again, it serves to act as a reminder to businesses in any industry, that there are viable alternatives to working in ‘off-the-shelf’ business systems, even those aimed at vertical industries, that are developed for the many, rather than the few, or just the one!

Similarly, even those large, off-the-shelf applications, like SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dyanamics and similar, that do offer significant scope for customisation, often do not offer the opportunity to have customisations that are entirely unique to the customer which allow them to work how they already do, or wish to work, rather than being constrained to work how the system could best be extended to provide a home to their information.

Innovative businesses are choosing custom applications over Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and poorly fitting or overpriced enterprise software, which can often be too rigid or cumbersome to use.

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