Contedia secures contract with leading traffic management manufacturer

Contedia have won another new contract with a UK manufacturer to develop a custom production management and scheduling system for the World’s leading manufacturer of traffic management systems, which serves a growing UK and International market with traffic cones, barriers, posts and temporary road signage.

With domestic and foreign sales growing at an accelerating rate, the business has found it increasingly difficult to manage production and shipping schedules with their existing accounting and ERP systems. Production planning requires frequent changes to proposed dates, which in turn affects logistics and customer order fulfilment.

Demand for far greater agility and improved visibility of the rapidly changing information led the company to self-develop solutions using typical, ‘easy-to-reach’ software, including Microsoft Access and Excel. Despite significant efforts to address their business process bottlenecks using the tools available, it became clear very quickly that these additional systems, in turn, placed restrictions on the processes themselves and were unsuited to a busy organisation with several teams within the business, all needing access to the information.

Following a detailed business process review (BPR) to create the specification for a custom application, Contedia has been asked to develop a production planning system using the FileMaker platform that draws live data from the customer’s existing business systems, supplements it and allows far greater reach and visibility around the business, swifter control over production schedules and background automation to ensure departments and customers alike are instantly made aware of changes that affect them.

Future work is already being discussed to fully integrate the system with their website and allow international ‘self-serve’ access for customers to monitor their orders and shipments, further reducing demands on the sales and customer service teams.

Manufacturers remain amongst the topmost of those industries which are benefitting the most from the rise in the popular understanding of what custom (business process) applications can achieve. Custom ‘apps’ are solving mission critical issues where additional workforce and resources alone simply don’t provide a cost-effective or long-term solution to the underlying problems. By being able to ‘talk’ to existing back-office and line-of-business systems within the organisation, sharing and consolidating information, custom apps can replace the many ‘silos’ of information that are presently being created in most modern businesses through the uncontrolled use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Access databases.

Innovate within your own workplace with a custom business process application!

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