Contedia Awarded New Contract

Contedia has recently been awarded a new contract to develop a custom quotation and sales ordering system for an international manufacturing business in Lancashire, which produces bespoke industrial rubber products to many businesses within the automotive, aerospace, nuclear and military sectors.

With a growing number of informational and process challenges within the business, which are common to most manufacturers, the workforce is becoming ever more stretched to meet their KPIs, which has placed additional pressure on the management team to seek out ways of introducing efficencies at a higher level. That said, even those IT systems which are industry-specific, such as WinMan, simply aren’t providing the level of unique business process alignment needed and they don’t offer the opportunities to introduce operational efficiencies as a result of being designed to meet the needs of the many, rather than the specific needs of the few. A custom business process application (or ‘app’) is the only solution to such an increasingly common scenario.

Being considered as a precursor to a far wider-reaching programme of further custom app development within the business, the new quotation and sales ordering system is being designed to perfectly match the needs of the specialist rubber business, manage the complexities found in its quotation menthodologies, talk to its existing third-party systems, including WinMan and Sage, and act as the foundation on which a custom production system will later stand.

The subsequent production system will be used throughout the factory on both PCs and iPads and will then greatly improve the accuracy and consistency of the manufacturing processes, allowing the precise capture of data that will be used as a knowledgebase on which further quotations will benefit by allowing costings to be more accurate than ever before. This will help to minimise set-up times, improve product specification accuracy and materials wastage. The manufacturer’s customers will also benefit from the results by receiving better prices, improved accuracy of quoted lead-times and be provided with opportunities to maximise value for money by being offered increased order volumes that make use of a greater proportion of the raw material batch, lowering the piece prices of the final product.Contedia is working with the manufacturer to map their unique business processes, translate them in to meaningful and practical business application logic and propose further efficiencies and improvements by leveraging the capabilities of a custom application solution and all of the features and techniques that can be used to improve visibility and insight within the business.

Manufacturing businesses are currently amongst those industries which are benefitting the most from the rise in the popular understanding of what custom (business process) apps can achieve. Custom apps are solving ‘mission critical’ issues where additional workforce and resources alone simply don’t provide a cost-effective or long-term solution to the underlying problems. By being able to ‘talk’ to other back-office and line-of-business systems within the organisation, sharing and consolidating information, custom apps can replace the many ‘silos’ of information that are presently being created in most modern businesses through the uncontrolled use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Access databases.

Take back control and drive the business forward with a custom business process application.

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