City set to propel evening economy above Yorkshire rivals

WAKEFIELD’S evening economy is set for a radical shake up that will see it oust nearby regional rivals as the Yorkshire destination for a great night out.

If successful the plan to achieve Purple Flag status for Wakefield will help attract new visitors to the city and encourage them to stay longer by offering a more diverse, cleaner, safer offer of food, drink, arts and culture.

The plan to achieve Purple Flag status is an ambition of Dave Owens, chair of Wakefield Business Improvement District (BID) who runs Wakefield Beer Exchange and is passionate about high standards in hospitality.  He is keen to work with other evening economy business owners to improve standards of service and safety to complement the city’s daytime business offer.

Already members of the Wakefield evening economy have discussed how they can invest in the WF1 area with training for staff, investment in cleaning the centre up to attract more people and a more diverse evening economy that features art and culture alongside Wakefield’s already famous food and drinks.

“The BID is a business wide initiative that will help boost the whole city centre,” he explained.  “Business thrive is they can offer talented professionals a holistic proposition which includes leisure and entertainment.

David Owens

“Many of us get involved with the Art Walks and work with other entertainment venues to offer a wraparound night of food, drink and culture, but we all know we could attract more new visitors.

“Aiming for Purple Flag status will also boost the professional sector who will be able to showcase Wakefield’s as a destination to start and make your career because of everything that it offers.

“Other Yorkshire cities have already benefitted from achieving Purple Flag accreditation, while others aren’t.  The determination of all members of the evening economy business community to elevate the city above others is helping to drive forward an improvement in service and safety standards across the city,” he added.

 Just three weeks away from the final vote for the Wakefield BID Dave hopes that owners and managers of the evening economy will get behind it and vote YES and join the ambition for Purple Flag status.

Voting papers for Wakefield BID were issued to eligible businesses at the end of January to be returned by Monday Feb 27.

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