Central Alliance Partnership Brings Revolutionary New Method to UK

Wakefield-based Central Alliance has entered into a strategic partnership with specialist satellite imaging analysis organisation ULTILIS Corp. to bring a revolutionary new method of analysing saturated ground and detecting water leaks to the UK.

The technology enables Central Alliance to assist organisations by mapping of ground saturation and water leaks, remotely from space using innovative satellite imaging analysis. The innovative, cutting-edge technology can also be used to highlight drainage issues across areas of land, as well as spot areas that could be prone to earthworks or structure failures.

Data analysis can also help understand the potential impacts of leaking water pipes and their interaction with critical infrastructure and identify ‘at-risk’ locations, where structures or earthworks could be prone to failure.

Speaking about the strategic partnership and the new water detection service, Richard Pidcock, Group Technical Director at Central Alliance, said: “Advancements in spaceborne technology is set to revolutionise the way we manage our infrastructure and assets. The ability to map saturated ground and detect water leaks ‘remotely’ from space is a result of new to the market processing methods and Utilis’ patented algorithm’s that allow us to use spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar satellites to detect water on Earth.

“This is developed from technology used in research to find water on other planets. There are key benefits with this remote technology that enables us to ‘see through’ vegetation and into the ground, day or night and independent of weather conditions.

“The analysis allows assessments to be made on drainage, identification of potential areas of geotechnical instability, risk mapping, leak detection and impacts with critical infrastructure.

Richard Pidcock, Group Technical Director

“Water is more often than not involved in most geotechnical or even structure failures. If we can identify the cause of failures, rather than the effects, as is the case with most land based monitoring systems, this will mark a significant step forwards in taking preventative action prior to failures occurring.

“Much greater areas (70km X 50km approx.) can be monitored using satellite imaging, with leaks found and saturated ground analysed, without the time and resource associated with the traditional methods of field-based inspections and surveys. It also brings significant health and safety benefits and resource efficiencies than ‘Earth-based’ systems too.”

Saturated ground analysis is presented in the form of a ‘heat map’ and the leak detection system is extremely simple to use with leaks displayed via user-friendly GIS reports and by a smart phone App that can guide the user to leaks with great accuracy. Data can be provided stand-alone or as part of a more complete and integrated asset management approach, whereby Central Alliance combines data from various sources (including geology; hydrogeology; hydrology; drainage; utility mapping, examination reports etc) to provide a risk map for critical infrastructure.

The complete solutions-approach offered by Central Alliance, including leak verification; drainage surveys; topographical and utility surveys; monitoring and investigation, allows CA to offer a complete picture with critical insights provided to clients that can focus resource, initiate preventative action and inform the design and remediation/construction phases of a project.

For more information about Central Alliance, its partnership with UTILIS Corp., or its remote satellite technology services, please call 01924 229 889 or email info@central-alliance.co.uk.

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