Bondholders Roll Out Wallpaper

wakefield wallpaper

The Wakefield Wallpaper, developed by Wakefield Bondholders to visually promote the district, has been rolled out thanks to a number of strategic partnerships.

Highlighting the legends that are associated to the area – from reminders of the city’s rich heritage through to examples of nationally recognised and local businesses that call Wakefield their home – the wallpaper acts as a strong example of why this is such a great place to invest and do business.

Since officially launching the Wakefield Wallpaper the Bondholder team have been working hard to demonstrate how this visual showcase can help to recruit bondholders whilst also promoting the district internationally to attract investment.

In recent months the wallpaper has been communicating the ‘on a roll message’ at events staged by the Bondholders. Thanks to a number of strategic partnerships the visual is also beginning to appear on a much larger scale.

Since launching at The Art House during the redevelopment of The Old Library on Drury Lane, the wallpaper has recently appeared in Kirkgate. In addition, Sandal Cricket Club took delivery of the visual to support the ongoing recruitment of bondholders during the Tour de Yorkshire celebrations.

If you are interested in joining Bondholders and finding out more, please email