Bondholders Navigating Leadership

Helping to navigate Bondholders towards a more prosperous 2018, Michelle Whaite, Captain and founder of the Leader-Ship Training Solutions, will take the helm to deliver a first Friday like no other when she joins Wakefield Bondholder’s on 1st December at Hatfeild Hall.
Putting the onus on business leaders to chart the course for their business, Michelle a John Maxwell certified team member, will introduce delegates to the Leadership Game. Throwing traditional leadership techniques over board, Michelle will challenge attendees to test their own skills in a fun and dynamic way whilst sharing best practice and forging connections with fellow players.
Michelle comments: “Without the right staff development programs, organisations can haemorrhage resources such as time and money which could have been avoided had they undergone the Leadership Game Assessment first to assess their training needs. This is also a fantastic team building exercise as people rarely follow a person they do not know, like or trust. The impact of this means companies in the District can lose their best people and ultimately without good people, the business can suffer.”Citing a ‘desire to inspire’ Michelle proposes that by diagnosing areas of strength along with those for improvement, people can develop the tools to prevail through times of adversity in the workplace. Not only does this increase an individual’s workplace skills, but also increases their confidence, resilience and happiness, leading to a workforce who are less likely to succumb to stress or jump ship when times are tough.
Ian Wainwright of Wakefield Bondholders, comments: “We all recognise true leaders and understand the positive impact that this has on individuals within a business and an organisation as a whole. Through Michelle’s support we will be helping our business leaders to get on the right course for 2018!”
Celebrating the last event of 2017, Wakefield Bondholders will also host a Silent Christmas Charity Auction. Offering a selection of gifts donated by members, all funds raised will support Dementia Action Alliance Wakefield.
The first Friday event will take place at Hatfeild Hall, Wakefield on 1st December, from 8.45am. The charge for the event will be £10.

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