Blog: Are you there when your customers need you?

Dan Conboy, Statement

Some of Google’s latest research talks about the importance of moments for consumers. Fuelled by mobile, consumers now turn to their devices for information at the moments that matter to them.

What influences these moments is the world around us – a mixture of location, time and context.

For example, if you’re about to drive to a place for the first time, then you’ll turn to your phone for directions and traffic info. Once you’re there you may look on Tripadvisor for guidance on the best restaurants. If you decide to stay longer than planned, you’ll probably head to to look for a hotel room. All of these actions are influenced by where you are and what you’re doing and are made possible by your smartphone and the digital services they’re connected to.

This is a consumer driven process, but can businesses influence this? Absolutely! To take a personal example, I was browsing on Twitter and saw a tweet by Ryanair offering 25% off flights for two days only.

I’d been thinking of going to see family abroad but hadn’t got round to making the arrangements.

This tweet brought the whole trip planning back to my attention. I had 30 minutes spare so I started looking at potential travel dates, flights, hotels and car hire – all through my phone.

30 minutes later and I had a full and costed itinerary, ready to share with my other half. All this started with a tweet but resulted in Ryanair getting my business, alongside numerous other related companies like hotels, car hire and airport parking.

As businesses, it’s critical we open our eyes to how consumers are interacting with us today, and that we make sure we are there for them at the moments that matter.

This means really thinking about digital across all channels (web, search, social, email, video and beyond) to inspire, inform and educate customers. It’s not just about selling, it’s about being there to help customers solve their problems and make the most of their lives.

The businesses and brands that rise to this challenge will be the ones that succeed online. Think about your own customers’ moments, their challenges and aspirations. How can you be there to help them today?

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