BID Welcomes New Parking App

Wakefield Business Improvement District (BID) has welcomed car parking changes in the city centre just weeks after getting its own green light.

Conscious that businesses placed a high priority on easier car parking, the BID welcomed the introduction by Wakefield Council to make cashless payment easier at all local authority city centre car parks. Now, shoppers and business people arriving at car parks without change can pay for parking using the RingGo app on their phone and avoid the risk of a fine.

No need to scramble for change or worry you will get a ticket

“Businesses in the city centre made car parking their third most important priority for improvement,” said Elizabeth Murphy, BID manager.

“Visitors to Wakefield were often rushing to leave the city centre because they hadn’t enough change for the car parking. Worse, some people arrived and then left immediately if they were cashless.

“Installing RingGo at all Wakefield Council car parks has already made a massive difference. As well as paying for parking, visitors get alerts just before their ticket is set to expire so they can top up via phone or get back to their cars. All stakeholders have reported a vast improvement,” she added.

“The BID is delighted that Wakefield Council recognised the importance of easier and more convenient car parking for all visitors.”

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