Bellingham Helps to Move IT

A Wakefield IT firm ensured disruption was kept to a minimum when a leading office furniture business relocated.

Bellingham IT, of Unity Works, won a five way pitch for the IT contract with south Leeds based Re:Work Office Furniture, a social enterprise that revamps pre-used furniture and Desk Office Interiors.

The Wakefield firm impressed Caroline Wherritt CEO of Re:Work Office Furniture who wanted a seamless move from their former, smaller premises to a new complex and showroom at New Craven Gate, Hunslet.

Bellingham IT’s MD, Paul Heigham carefully planned the move so that externally there was no sign that Re:Work Office Furniture was on the move and the company was able to remain fully operational throughout.

Once the relocation was complete Paul and his team then tested all the new IT equipment to ensure there had been no changes and that new systems incorporated to support the expanding office furniture firm worked.

Paul Heigham and Caroline Wherritt

Caroline Wherritt explained: “We started the moving process a week before our staff moved in and carefully planned when the IT was going across. On moving day we kept one PC going so we could respond to any sales calls or emails and moved the rest to the new premises where Bellingham IT were waiting to install and configure the computers.

“Paul at Bellingham IT explained that it would take them a day to carry out the work and they kept to their word. The following day our staff moved in and we were up and running as normal.

“I’d met Paul through Wakefield Hospice’s Business Buddies Network and we seemed to be on the same page. He talked a lot of sense, understood what we need now in the way of IT support and also got what we want to do strategically in the future with regards to remote working,” she explained.

“I was really pleased with the service Paul and the team provided during the move. They were friendly, approachable, didn’t talk in jargon and didn’t try to sell us something we don’t need. I look forward to working with them more in future.”

Paul Heigham said: “IT and telecoms are usually afterthoughts for businesses when moving. Caroline’s planning ensured that there was no disruption to Re:Work Office Furniture’s business and things operated seamlessly for her and her customers. We were proud to be part of the process.”

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